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Service Terms

Sample requirement: For each sample, we often carry out about fifteen to twenty different proteolytic reactions, and sometimes we need to repeat some experiments several times. We prefer to have ~ 0.4 mg of mAb with >80% purity. We can obtain a complete mAb sequence with as low as 100ug high purity (99.9%)  mAb sample. However, most of the samples from a hybridoma are much lower purity, and protein degradation often occurs in lower purify samples. So we prefer to have a higher amount of samples to deal with various sample issues that may complicate our analysis.  The major concern regarding sample quality is immunoglobulin contamination from serum medium since there is no way to distinguish or separate contaminating antibodies from the mAb of interest.

Turn-Around Time: 3 weeks for mouse, rat, human or chimeric antibody

Price:  The price will be project dependent.  Please send us your sample information and we’ll send you a formal quote within 12 hours.  Please contact us if you need to sign a confidentiality agreement with us before sending out sample information.