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1、Label free proteomics
2、mAb de novo sequencing in two weeks.

1. Label free proteomics

ProtTech has developed the bioinformatics platform of label-free protein quantitation based on the method published by Griffin et al (Nature Biotechnology 28, 83-91, 2010). [More]

2. mAb de novo sequencing in two weeks.

ProtTech has developed a new technology to determine the complete amino acid sequence of monoclonal antibodies. Due to its large size and its vast diversity in antibody sequences, it used to be an extremely difficult task to carry out the de novo sequencing of such a large protein. Recently, with the breakthrough we achieved, we are capable to determine the complete sequence of a mAb with as low as 100 ug sample of some moderate purity (>85%). ProtTech has started to provide monoclonal antibody de novo sequencing service based on this new technology. [More]