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N-terminal and C-terminal Sequencing


Due to in vivo processing and post-translational modifications, the N- and C-terminus of a protein are not predictable based on its gene sequence, and heterogeneous or chemically modified N- and C-terminus can be present in protein product, including antibodies, which is often difficult for Edman degradation based analysis.

ProtTech provides a service for characterizing the N- and C-terminus of any protein or antibody with a known gene sequence. Based on LC-MS technique, we are capable of identifying both protein N- and C-terminus, to identify heterogeneous N- or C-terminal, and to identify chemically modified protein N- or C-terminal. Please contact us if you are interest in this service.


1). Unknown protein N- or C- terminal

2). Proteins with capped N-terminal

3). Proteins with multiple N- or C-terminals

4). N- or C-terminal in protein mixtures

5). New N- or C-terminal resulted from proteolytic cleavage or degradation.

Technical Advantage

Our N-and C-terminal identification service is based on multiple technologies we have developed, such as isotope labeling of protein N- and C-terminus, bioinformatics software for the analysis of protein N- and C-terminus, multiple protein digestions for complete sequence coverage, and ultra-sensitive LC-MS technique.

Comparing to Edman N-terminal sequencing, our service provides the following advantages:

1).Ability to identify protein C- terminal

2). Ability to identify proteins with capped N-terminal

3). Ability to identify proteins with multiple N- or C-terminus

4). Ability to identify N- or C- terminus in protein mixtures

Service Terms:

Sample Requirement: We typical need >20ug of protein with >80% purity for the analysis. Gel sample is acceptable, but a sample may need special treatments before running a gel.

Turnaround Time: Normally 2-weeks

Price:  The price of N- and C-terminal analysis service will depend on protein size and its particular sequence, purity and available amount, as well as the specific requirements of our client.  We’ll work out an optimal procedure for each project based on that information. Please send us your sample information and we’ll send you a formal quote within 12 hours.  Also please contact us if you need sign confidentiality agreement with us before sending out your sample information.