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Proteomic analysis is an essential tool in the discovery of protein biomarkers, which may act as targets for disease diagnostics and therapeutic interventions. ProtTech provides LC-MS based proteomic analysis. Building on our broad range of expertise in protein analysis and protein purification and functional studies, we are dedicated to deliver a high valued service package to our clients.

We have two main platforms in the proteomic analysis: label-free LC-MS based proteomics and SILIC LC-MS based proteomics. With our expertise in protein purification, protein immobilization protein chemistry and proteomic sample processing, we also provide add-on services to meet our clients’ various needs,  including sample isolation, protein purification, chemical labeling, immobilization on a solid phase,  pathway analysis, etc.  Our integrated services will help our clients in the study of phosphoproteomics. Chemoproteomics, organelle proteomics, signaling proteomics and other research areas.

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