HLA Peptidomics & NeoAntigen Discovery
provide an integrated services for neo-antigen discovery and tumor vaccine development... More
Antibody De Novo Sequencing
With our state-of-the-art antibody de novo sequencing technology, we assure our clients of 100% accuracy in the delivered antibody sequences...More
Protein Mutation & Sequence Variant Analysis
Analyzing protein mutations to obtain complete sequence of a mutated protein…More
Antibody & Protein Characterization
complete analysis of protein primary structure, N- and C-terminals, disulfide bond linkage, etc…More
Protein Identification & Analysis
Ultra-sensitive NanoLC-MS technique to identify proteins from the gel, solution or complex mixture, etc… Our turn around time is five business days.More
Therapeutic Antibody Discovery & Development
This service package provides an integrated solution from a protein target name given by the client to the expressed antibodies with specific biological activities delivered. ...More
Therapeutic Fusion Proteins & Nanobodies Development
ProtTech has developed a novel AT-fusion platform (patent pending) to increase the in vivo half life of cell signaling proteins and nanobodies for therapeutic applications.More
Neutralized Antibody Drug Discovery & Development
a proprietary technology platform to de novo sequence a complex mixture of antibodies from human serum and to identify and express high affinity neutralizing antibodies with a native heavy chain and light chain parings...More
Protein Expression in E.coli and Pegylation Development
E.coli is often the best expression system for cytokines, enzymes, nanobodies, etc., and pegylation is an effective method to improve the pharmacokinetics profile and reduce immunogenicity of E. coli expressed biologics. More
Antibody and Protein Expression in CHO and Cell Line Development
Our proprietary PT-CHO mammalian expression system utilizes PT-CHO host cells and highly efficient mammalian expression vectors for the expression of recombinant antibodies, Fc-fusion proteins, and other important therapeutic and diagnostic proteins. More