Protein Identification
Ultra-sensitive NanoLC-MS technique to identify proteins from the gel, solution or complex mixture, etc…More
Protein Characterization
complete analysis of protein primary structure, N- and C-terminals, disulfide bond linkage, etc…More
Protein Glycosylation and PTM analysis
Deep analysis of protein glycosylation, phosphorylation, acetylation, etc…More
Discovering protein biomarkers and protein differentials… More
Protein Mutation Analysis
Analyzing protein mutations to obtain complete sequence of a mutated protein…More
Antibody De Novo Sequencing
ProtTech offer the service for the complete de novo sequencing of mAb and other proteins. The service is based on the proprietary protein sequencing technology that we ...More
Comparability Studies of Biologics
Comparative analysis of protein therapeutics regarding its impurity, sequence, S-S linkages, glycosylation, PTMs, etc…More
Bio-Similar Development
Providing complete service package including determining the sequence of a marketed biologic product, cell line development, comparability studies…More
Antibody Fragments
Providing Technology and reagents for making antibody fragments such as Fab and F(ab’)2…More
Therapeutic Antibody Discovery
Discovering high-affinity antibody directly from serum with our proprietary IDAS technology…More