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Customer Service (Customer Service)


Technical Support

Technical support for the protein ID service: ProtTech provides free technical support to our customers via email. All of the technical questions should be addressed to support@prottech.com, and a senior scientist will answer them within two business days.

For each contract research project, a project leader will be assigned and routing communication will be established, along with the progress of the project.

Presentation /Publication Support

We provide descriptions of our experimental procedures in each service report, which users can modify and use in the experimental section of a publication. Upon request, we’ll provide one raw MS/MS figure (fragment ions not labeled) in Microsoft PowerPoint format for each sample.

Users may specify particular peptides for these figures. Users can then modify and label these figures themselves for publication or presentation.

Graphic Service: We also offer a graphics service to make customized, publication-quality figures with some moderate fees. For MS/MS figure, we provide publication-quality MS/MS figures with the labeling of all major fragment ions and peptide sequences.

We can also provide MS/MS in a format that a customer requests.

Data Storage and Long term Support: Since some customers may need technical and graphic support several years after our MS analysis, ProtTech Inc. is taking various measures to safely store all raw data for minimal five years, and is committed to provide technical and presentation support for at least five years after data acquisition. Upon request by a customer, ProtTech Inc. can send a copy of related raw data (~ 20 megabits per file) to the customer, with some service and shipping charge. However, in order to view or analyze MS raw data, a user needs to purchase a license of Xcalibur software directly from Thermo Finnigan. ProtTech Inc. is not obligated and is not eligible to provide any software to a customer.