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   Protein Identification

Protein Identification (ProteinID) is an important technique in determining the identity of a protein and in studying the protein-protein interactions. We provide high values ProteinID services based on ultra-sensitive NanoLC-MS/MS, which can find the identity of an isolated protein sample in shorter time and at a lower cost than traditional Western Blot. We have served a large number of life science researchers around the world with our high quality ProteinID service and many high profile publications have been published related to our work.

To meet the requirement of different needs of our customers, we offer following three types of protein identification services.

1. ProteinID for gel band/spots: Analyzing SDS-PAGE gel bands or 2D spot stained with coomassie, silver, fluorescent dye. [Details]

2. ProteinID for solution samples of the simple protein mixture: Up to 100 different proteins in a solution samples can be reliably identified by our high resolution and ultra-sensitive NanoLC-MS/MS procedure. [Details]

3. Complete profiling of a complex protein mixture: Up to 1000 different proteins in a complex protein mixture can be identified. [Details]