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   HLA Peptidomics & NeoAntigen Discovery

The specificity of the T cell immune response is regulated by the peptides bound to human leukocyte antigen (HLA) molecules on cell surface. Normal healthy cells present normal peptides and usually evade a T-cell response. However tumor cells or virus-infected cells often present additional neo-peptides (Neo-antigen) which are absent on the surface of normal cells and potentially triggering a T cell response. Therefore, identifying HLA peptidomics and NeoAntigens may provide potential immunotherapy targets for cancer treatment. Currently, the identification of neo-antigen and the prediction of HLA epitopes based on NGS and RNA-Seq data pose significant challenges and often accompanied by a high rate of false-positives and false negatives. Mass spectrometry (MS) based experimental approach may provide an important method to accurately identify neo-antigen and HLA epitope.

We have developed proprietary methods for isolating HLA-I and HLA-II associated peptides, and developed ultra high sensitive NanoLC-MS/MS platform and software tools to identify and quantify HLA associated peptides. To avoid false-negative identification due to the limitation in cancer NGS and RNA-Seq, We have also developed computational platform to de novo sequence HLA associated peptides without NGS or RNA-Seq data. Since mRNA liposome is likely to be most promising technology in neo-antigen based tumor vaccine, we have developed the DNA template vector systems for the in vitro transcription of mRNA with polyA tail under T7 RNA polymerase promoter. We have also developed and produced all enzymes needed for IVT with high yields (T7 RNA polymerase, capping enzymes, O-methyl-transferase, DNase, RNAse Inhibior, etc.). Our goal is to provide our clients with integrated services for neo-antigen discovery and tumor vaccine development.

Sample Requirement: cell or tissue samples with reasonable amount. For NeoAntigen discovery, whole exon sequencing (WES) and/or RNA-Seq are normally provided.

Please contact us for HLA peptidomics or NeoAntigen Discovery.

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