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ID of Simple Protein Mixture


This service is to provide a very cost effective way to identify up to 20 proteins in a solution simple protein mixture, assuming that NO overwhelming high abundant proteins (such as IgG heavy and light chain in an IP) present.


1. Sample preparation and Digestion

2. LC-MS/MS sequencing

3. Database search

4. Validation

5. Reporting

Sample Requirement

  • A solution sample shouldn't contain excess amount of antibodies, bait protein or other proteins in excess amount. The presence of a dominant protein in a solution sample often prevents the identification of many other less abundant proteins. Running a SDS-PAGE and identifying proteins with gel samples is often a better alternative in such a case.

  • Use a small potion of a solution samples to run a SDS-PAGE to confirm its quality before shipping sample to us (to avoid wasting money on a bad sample). Please send us a copy of the gel photograph together with your sample.

  • All solution samples must be shipped in a dry ice container.