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Compared to alternative approaches in antibody discovery, our IDAS technology offers following advantages:

  1. 1. Ability to explore antibody repertories with large sequence diversity, since the antibody sequence diversity generated by animal’s immune system, is often many times larger than that from the display system.


  2. 2. Ability to explore antibody repertories with optimized sequences. It is well known that the actual sequences of antibodies present inside animal bodies only account for a small portion of all possible sequences since most of “possible” antibody sequences are eliminated, probably due to their problems in stability, solubility, interaction with other proteins in vivo, etc. Those problems are often encountered in the antibodies discovered from display technology but can be avoided by screening antibody repertories in serum. 


  3. 3. Ability to directly screen for antibody activity towards a drug target.    The activity of an antibody can only be measured at the protein level. Also, since one plasma cell can secrete tens of thousands of antibody molecules per second, the signal to noise ratio of specific antibodies at its protein level is much higher than that at its mRNA level or cell level. Therefore, direct screening for antibody protein may give a better chance to discovering high affinity antibodies.


  4. 4. Ability to obtain high affinity antibody with a native heavy-light chain pairing. Both display technology and deep gene sequencing technology have difficulties in identifying native heavy–light chain pairing, which may lead to loss of antibody affinity. Since antibody heavy and light chains are joined covalently in serum, analyzing antibody at the protein level is a direct way to identify heavy-light chain pairing.


In summary, by the combination antibody protein analysis and gene analysis, our IDAS antibody discovery platform is capable of discovering the antibody sequences of high affinity and good physicochemical properties from a small amount of serum samples.  Please contact us if you are interested.