Company profile

ProtTech Inc., with cutting edge protein technologies it developed over a decade, provides high quality and high valued services for biological research community in protein identification, protein characterization, antibody de novo sequencing, protein mutation analysis, protein modification analysis, proteomics, therapeutic protein comparability studies, etc.

For biologic discovery and development, we provide contract research services in novel antibody drug discovery based our proprietary IDAS technology platform, which is capable to directly explore the antibody repertoire in animal and human serum to discover antibody therapeutics with high affinity and naturally optimized sequences. For  bio-similar development, we provide contact services including the sequencing of original marketed products, cell line development and comparability studies. We also provide the complete technology platform for the development of antibody fragments such as F(ab’)2 and Fab, which have wide uses as therapeutic, diagnostic and image agents.

We also provide over 8000 protein and antibodies products that are useful  reagents in virology, microbiology, oncology, immunology and other life science fields.