Our Products and Services

Protein Analysis Services

  Protein Identifications
  PTM Analysis
  Mutation Analysis

mAb De Novo Sequencing

  100% Correctness and Activity
  Distinguished Leu/Ile residue
  Guarantee a 100% accuracy

Therapeutic Protein Characterization

 MWt Measurement
 Peptide Mapping
 Disulfide (S-S) Bond Analysis
 Glycosylation Analysis
 N- & C- terminal Analysis
 Impurity Analysis
 Protein PI Measurement

Therapeutic Protein R&D Platform

  Protein Fusion Platform
  Nanobody Fusion Platform
  Antibody Drug Platform
  Nanobody Drug Discovery
  NeoAntigen Discovery
  Cancer Vaccine Development

Protein Reagents

  Growth Factors
  Product List

Antibody Reagents

  TMPRSS2 CloneAL20
  S1PR1 CloneE1-49
  ER alpha CloneS1C1
  Complements C3 CloneM68